AdMarketers’ experience saves you money. Our lessons learned allow you to avoid costly mistakes. We work with you to understand the most cost effective source (Email, Banner, Search, SMS Text Messages, Co-Registration, Pops, Social Media, etc.) of leads/sales. Once this is determined, our team of experienced affiliate managers go out and get the sales volume you desire.

We provide our advertisers with a way to dramatically increase revenue while maintaining complete control over the costs. By utilizing our array of performance-based marketing solutions, we can drive response while adhering to a pre-defined Cost Per Action (CPA) model.


At AdMarketers, our purpose is to deliver you results while maximizing your online presence. We realize that every advertiser has their own unique campaign requirements, so we craft the online solutions that best meet your business objectives. Our team at AdMarketers will work with you to establish your goals before designing a customized marketing solution that will deliver the results you want.

Broad Audience Reached

AdMarketers will provide more unique visitors than other advertising networks. We will work diligently to expand your audience boundaries even further. We know how to maximize your campaign with original creative to attain the best ROI possible for your company.

Superior Publishers

Our affiliate network includes high quality publishers that will give your products or services the right exposure to a wide spectrum of consumers. All publishers have gone through a meticulous screening process to ensure that your campaigns will be featured through the appropriate channels and on sites with suitable content. From targeted audience sites to large portal sites, our publishers will offer you the best all around exposure and online presence.

Email Marketing

AdMarketers’ opt-in email lists from our top-quality list of selected partners will allow us to market your products and/or services on a large scale to all different segments of the market. Our close relationships with reliable businesses, consumer opt-in emails lists owners, managers, and email marketing clients will provide you with exposure to the largest market share possible. Our email marketing professionals will provide the entire strategy, execution, and reporting while maximizing the campaign’s potential.

Inventive Lead Sources

Are you uninterested in building a whole campaign, but still want instant returns? Our affiliate network will provide you with the highest quality lead sources on the web. Through our online marketing partners and publishers, we will provide you with the leads you want at the quantity and cost you have specified. All of the leads passed through our network have passed quality screening and are 100% exclusive. Start getting the leads you need today!

Search Engine Marketing

Let us incorporate our search engine marketing techniques into your website to achieve the highest ROI possible. Use our advanced Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Campaign Management/Pay Per Click advertising programs to achieve the highest search rankings, successful branding, and immediate financial returns for your campaigns.

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