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AdMarketers VP Featured in FeedFront

Zack Bernato, Vice President of AdMarketers, was recently featured in the January 2010 issue of FeedFront Magazine. Contributing writer Cari Birkner summarized her interview with Mr. Bernato in “Acquisition Strategies for Mailing in the UK.”

In the interview, Bernato gave Birkner a run down on the pros and cons of publishing in the UK market. The key takeaways from her interview were as follows:

  • The amount of data is much smaller, but the quality is better. “The offers convert much better. They click on everything,” Zack Bernato told Birkner.
  • Consumer data records have a much shorter lifespan in the UK. According to Bernato,“the open rates and click rates are great right of the bat, but a record in the UK is only responsive for about two weeks. In the US, it would take at least a month for a static list to go cold.”
  • The UK advertiser has a different time table for processing payouts (in pounds, not dollars). “In the US, most payouts are net 10, net 15, or net 30, meaning you’ll have your money by January for traffic from December,” he said. “In the UK, advertisers pay net 60, so payment for traffic is delayed considerably, and hinges on the exchange rate on the last day of the month.”
  • Follow CAN-SPAM and maintain a suppression file, in addition to following publisher-based UK opt-in laws. “As a US company mailing in the UK, I [Bernato] don’t take chances with regulators on either side. It’s my responsibility to respect opt-outs from my offers by maintaining my own suppression file, even though the UK doesn’t require it.”
  • Utilize your own technology for tracking and reporting. “Most traffic comes from the US to other countries because we understand the space,” Zack explained. “Hosting your own UK sites allows for better filtering and reporting, and ultimately better lead quality.”

Cari Birkner is the Marketing Coordinator at LashBack, LLC and contributes on the subject of email marketing compliance to Deliverability.com.

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